What is Senior Living Realty All About?

Senior Living Realty is a value-added commercial and residential real estate firm that specializes in providing people 50 and better with solutions that meet their specific needs and help them realize their dreams. Nominated to the National Association of realtors Seniors Real Estate Specialist board, the firm has developed an extensive network of experts who understand the unique needs and challenges faced by seniors.

Senior Living Realty is much more than a real estate firm –Complimented and strengthened with over 20,000 Seniors Real Estate Specialist available nationwide you can relax. We’re here to make life simpler, our personal, consultative approach ensures that we gain a thorough understanding of each individual’s situation, needs, goals and dreams, and our network of seniors-focused professionals provides access to the resources you need. No one has more experience helping families make a successful move than we do. Our company of experts has the resources and expertise to assist those in retirement years make wise, educated real estate decisions.

Moving on Guide for Seniors

Are you thinking of selling your home to move to a senior supportive environment? Or perhaps to move in with an adult son or daughter who can help with your needs as you grow older?

Whatever the reason, there may come a time when parents, along with their adult children, consider selling and moving on. Our Moving On Guide is designed to help guide your family through the complex issues and unique situations you may encounter during the process.

To assist you, we have created a unique and valuable resource—the Moving On Guide. This comprehensive guide walks you through each step in the process, with personalized guidelines and worksheets that will help you find the next living situation well-suited to your needs. And best of all, it’s free!

Senior Living Realty website upgrade

As we age so does our information, so to serve you better, an entirely new website is underway for a fresh new look in 2017.