Why Sell With Armand Christopher & Co.?

Combining the skill and experience of our full-time real estate professionals with our innovative, in-house marketing team means every property we list gets the royal treatment. Our agents are equipped with the latest in tools and technologies. Our agents are honest, they are skilled negotiators, and they are excellent communicators. We’re invested in the communities we work in–because we live there, too. Most importantly, our agents put their clients first. That’s the difference.

Evaluating your motivation for moving, articulating your sales expectations and understanding conditions will enhance your selling experience.

Our real estate professionals will work with you closely to understand these important dynamics.

When you list your home with us, you’ll work with:

  • Dedicated, expert agents with full-time availability you won’t get anywhere else
  • Specialized marketing teams for offline and online campaigns
  • Connections to local businesses that will fix your home up to get you top dollar
  • Professional photographers and videographers that beautifully showcase your property
  • An experienced closing department team that finalizes your deal with confidence


The Number One Question We get is, “How Much Can I Get For My Home”:


There are five things that sell a home.

Price, condition, location, competition, economy (time of year).


CONDITION- has it been updated? Does it show well, is it staged? Is their minor or major repairs needed? How old is the home. Does it need foundation work? Costly items to consider, How old is the roof? HV/AC? Does it need carpet, paint, updating? Does it have a pool that needs work?


LOCATION- does it back up to power lines or major busy street? Is it on a creek, does it face East and West? Is it in a high traffic area? Is the neighborhood changing? Properties that are in great demand are looked upon by exemplary school districts and schools in general. Plano, Richardson, Allen, areas of Frisco, Park Cities and other school districts that are exemplary or have high marks.


COMPETITION- How many properties are in the subdivision? How do they differ from your property? Have they been updated? Why would they buy your home over the others? Have you thought of looking at other homes to see what your competition is before listing? What are the days on market for properties that sold?


ECONOMY- TIME OF YEAR- Are there foreclosures keeping the pricing down? Have other homes in your area been reducing prices or have sold to generate quick sales which effects the appraised value and market analysis for all the homes actively listed? Will your asking price justify a lenders appraisal? Are you limiting yourself to a reasonable asking price? Have you paid too much for your home and there is no equity which is keeping you from a reasonable asking price. Properties that typically sell quickly are homes in the $150,000 – $250,000 homes above that are taking a little longer on the market unless they are in areas that the activity is there.


It is not as simple as just putting

a number on a home, putting it in MLS trying to market something that won’t sell no matter how much time, money and energy you put into trying to sell it without taking all the other information and analyzing it for a sound decision.

Bottom line, if a home is price right with all the other factors considered it will sell. Period.


What kind of guarantee do you offer?

We agree to work in your best interest and allow you to cancel the listing at any time if you are not completely satisfied.