Bluffview / Greenway Park


Moving from Chicago in the early 70’s I had my eye on the Bluffview neighborhood since the time I first arrived in Dallas. I remember driving through it and saying “Oh what a beautiful neighborhood it is just like home; I am going to live here someday.’” Bluff View area is rated one of the top for wealthy buyers in Dallas. It is located Just West of Highland Park and University Park between Lovers Lane and Northwest West Highway and West of Inwood Road East of Midway.

The neighborhood was originally developed as Bluffview Estates by developer John P. Stevens, also responsible for Stevens Park in Oak Cliff. In 1924, he bought a 215 acres dairy farm along Bachman Creek and developed the land into 1 acre lots. The area was annexed by Dallas in 1943. Bluffview is so named for its relatively hilly topography—it lies along cliffs overlooking Bachman Branch and its tributaries. Some of the cliffs the neighborhood is built on rise 50 feet over the water below and is an admired neighborhood because of the picturesque location.

The homes in Bluffview Estates vary in size and prices are based on how much land the home sits on and its location within the neighborhood. Homes here vary in size, starting at 1,400 square feet and carrying price tags of $500,000 or more, to upwards of 12,000 square feet can cost more than $10 million with a very low turnover rate. It is nestled among shifting and swirling hills an attractive neighborhood for those wanting to feel as though they are in another part of the country without even leaving your neighborhood.


GREENWAY PARK – A Unique Neighborhood

Greenway Parks is a 150-acre Dallas neighborhood designed in 1927 by David R Williams. It was the first pedestrian-oriented community in Dallas and was designed in the “English commons” tradition of clustering houses around a series of open private parkways. Greenway Parks was an innovative concept intended to be like no other suburb in the U.S.

Today, the neighborhood is one of the most desirable in Dallas. In 2002, the Texas Society of Architects named Greenway Parks one of Texas’ 25 Best Places, an honor bestowed on only 3 locations in Dallas and on only 4 residential developments in the entire state. In May of 2003, Greenway Parks became Conservation District No. 10. This endeavor was accomplished by the neighborhood in order to preserve the concept and vision of original developers, F.N. Drane and J.P. Stephenson, and architect David R. Williams.

Neighbors often move within the neighborhood – either to size-up or size-down – and many of these historic homes are being renovated. The greenways are beautifully maintained by the HOA, and families utilize the open spaces to play and socialize with each other. F. N. Drane, J. P. Stevenson, and David Williams would marvel at the changes in Greenway Parks but would be proud that Greenway residents have taken painstaking efforts to preserve their original vision.

Greenway Parks is located 3 miles north of downtown bounded by the Dallas North Tollway on the east, Mockingbird Lane on the south, Inwood Road on the west, and University Boulevard on the north. It borders the city of Highland Park on the southeast and the city of University Park on the east. Approximately 300 families call Greenway Parks home today.