Vertical living


Where Lifestyle and Luxury Meet, You’ll Join the Vertical

Dallas’ high-rise community stands out as a residential favorite of the city. Taking advantage of Dallas’ breathtaking skyline as a backdrop, these vertical living quarters offer the best rooms with a view.
Dallas has a rich history of sumptuous high-rise living. Since the entry of 3525 Turtle Creek in the early 1960s, the high-rise lifestyle has represented the ultimate in amenities and security, providing all the traditional comforts of a home but never more than today has high-rise living seems so accessible and appealing to all age groups.

For many middle agers, the thought of moving into a high-rise is so appealing that they can’t wait to hand over the keys to the family home. Then there are the singles that work in the downtown area and are almost silly over the idea of high-rise living. No traffic. No yard. In a fast-paced city like Dallas, the attraction of this maintenance-free lifestyle is almost irresistible.

Dallas High-Rise Condos & Townhomes Heighten a Sense of Community

Solitude is not a topic in Dallas. We seek the company of others. That’s easy in suburbia, where you see your neighbors while fetching the mail or mowing the lawn if at all. But vertical living in Dallas can be another story.

For urban high-rise dwellers, social activities and gathering spaces go a long way in fostering a sense of community. And even for those residents who treasure privacy, the idea of making connections can be appealing.

Social Rooms, which is like one, big rec room or instead of entertaining at their places, they can sit by the pool giving them a chance to visit without spending money. The balconies serve as urban front porches, where neighbors watch the city’s fireworks shows in unison.

When people get to know each other, everyone’s friendly and it affects the tone of the whole building. It’s not just the chance to socialize but also to network. Someone knows about a job, and you hear about it. You need a lawyer, and there’s one in the building. Coming home to a building where people greet you by name is nice. It’s those little things that make you canadian pharmacy viagra feel part of their vertical neighborhoods or what I call “The Urban Country Club”.

In some high-rises, management oversees social activities and amenities.

Concierges Give Condos a Touch of High Life

Maybe Fido needs a walk and the dry cleaning has to be picked up. Or, perhaps you need to rent a Ferrari for the day or someone to take you shopping at Neiman Marcus. Who needs a personal assistant, or even a spouse for that matter, when you can have a concierge?

No problem. No job is too big or too small for the throngs of concierges who are popping up inside the city’s newest high-rises. Imagine living in a city where anything you want is a phone call away. As the city goes vertical, condos, lofts and high-rises are moving up, too, borrowing the concierge tradition from their hotel brethren. Residents of the canadian pharmacy cialis luxury dwellings expect service at their fingertips.

Concierges are privy to some of the most private things that go on inside high-rises, some are hilarious. Others are poignant. Most, it seems, have to do with pets. It is no coincidence pet-friendly buildings tend to be among the more social ones.

“When people think about urban living, they often think that it’s inconvenient,” concierge services are designed to alleviate that.”

Concierge services, once only for the elite, have become expected standards at most high-rise condominiums. Within the next few years, a dozen more high-rises will open and they are all competing for the same client – you – so concierge services have become another weapon in their sales arsenal.

The Start of Something New

Not only has the appreciation lately been convincing, but the increasing demand for luxurious, convenient, hassle-free urban living has only just begun. With more than 75 million baby boomers becoming empty nesters and retirees, the rush to simple living will soon become a stampede.

Almost every major market is experiencing a high-rise boom, and because Dallas was so late getting into the game, there are additional advantages to buying now. With a straight out comparison of Dallas condo townhome prices compared to those of New York or LA Obviously, Dallas is cheaper.

Let’s look at the price-to-rent ratio. The price-to-rent ratio is an indicator used to measure property value. You take the condo or townhome price divided by the price to rent that condo for a year and you will find modafinil the lower the number, the better. Using the calculation of price-to-rent ratio Dallas has the very lowest ratio of their markets, which suggests that the Dallas condo market is stable, possibly undervalued, and it has plenty of room to grow.

The combination of above-average returns, increasing demand, and the lowest price-to-rent ratio of any major market in the country, makes the analyst in me downright bullish. Now it’s time to get swept up in the holiday season and think about joining the “The Urban Country Club”.